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    My name is Cassie, and I'm a 3D printing focused designer, sculptor, and almost architect based in Hell's Kitchen, New York.

    Cassie Builds It first began as an outlet for creative exploration, but has developed now into a space in which I can share my unique pieces with those who want to beautify their homes and workplaces.

    I have been fascinated with the digital world and creating in it since I was a child (for example, I prayed fervently receive Photoshop for Christmas in the 5th grade).  I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the natural world and seek to replicate its mathematical perfection whether I use 3D modeling software on my computer or in virtual reality.  

    I've worked for almost 10 years in the architectural field and have been involved in high-end commercial, residential, and entertainment projects including work for Hudson Yards, Disney, Wynn, and Hyatt.

    I have a B.A. in Architecture from Columbia University with a focus on Multi-Media.  I also studied at Sciences-Po in Paris, and for my thesis I focused on large-scale 3D printing, specifically on Enrico Dini's work in Pisa.

    The pieces I create are 3D printed and assembled in my home.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

  • pictured: cassie nozil